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Artemis Institute offers educational courses of a variety of lengths from 3 days to full-semester, from personal enrichments programs designed to help individuals recognize their creative process to supporting a student’s understanding of how their creative abilities can be folded into inspired practices that benefit the Earth. All of our design, art and environmental curriculum, including those courses offered for university credit, are rooted in immersive and first-hand experiences that help ground critical thinking to specificity of place while also generating an understanding of humankind’s overall global impact.

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Remote Studio

Active from 2000-2015

Remote Studio focused on developing student’s creative processes through first-hand experiences of the Yellowstone Region, one of the wildest landscapes that remains on Earth, through a for-credit university level educational program for students of design.

Immersion in the Yellowstone Region provides the opportunity for fully engaged experiences of an untrammeled place to encouraging student’s understanding of how their creative process, ideas and intuition are drawn from the world around them and how these abilities are tied to responsibilities to the Earth.

The curriculum of environmental philosophy, natural history, poetic thinking, creative intuition, lessons in sustainability and experiences in the wild link to a hands-on designbuild community project in the region. Remote Studio supports each student’s recognition of their worldview and a positive discussion of how and why make.


Quest is a twelve day wild-lands immersion education experience for creative thinkers, designers and artists. This short course draws from first-hand experiences to strengthen your creative process, develop your creative intuition, and clarify the connection we have to nature through the things we make. Quest’s curriculum is set in the wild landscape of Southeastern Utah 
and combines field lessons in this richly differentiated landscape with readings, insitu makings and temporary installations. The goal of this combined coursework is to help participants recognize uniquenesses in similar landscapes and how their creative perspective and interpretations of place provide an active role in the things each participant makes. Emphasis is placed on learning from each other in the variety of ways we understand and experience the natural world, and how these experiences tie our creative expression to social and environmental considerations.

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WILD Residency

Our residencies are set-up on a case-by case basis to assist artists and designers who are interested in exploring their creative process and the relationship of culture to nature through the creation of a work(s) through a brief immersion experience in the Yellowstone Region.

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